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Judges Academy




The building of the Academy was issued a green building label certificate on April 12, 2017 by the Ministry of the Interior. It provides a  diversified, flexible and open study environment for the trainees.



With maximum study capacity of 733 people, the building is equipped with general and large classrooms, an amphitheater, an auditorium, seminar rooms, a moot court, a computer room, and a conference room. Real-time video connection function is provided for teaching requirement. In addition, the 207 and 208 seminar rooms are equipped with 86-inch smart electronic touch screens, which are suitable for interactive teaching.



Aiming to be the largest law resource center in Taiwan, the library of the Academy so far has a collection of more than 30,000 volumes. The library is equipped with general book area, reference book area, periodical area, new book display area, foreign grammar and law school area, Japanese discussion room, research desk and book stacks with approximately 14,945 square feet in area.


Sports Facility

Badminton, table tennis, basketball shooting machine, gym,  aerobics room, and swimming pool with sauna chamber and spa.



220-room dormitory with bed, wardrobe, desk, bathroom, TV and other equipment.  The room types are VIP single, single, and twin beds. Public areas are equipped with reading rooms, washing dryers, refrigerators and drinking fountains. 

Single room

dorm room

Twin beds
dorm room


VIP Single room with large living room

Lecturer Dormitory

Lecturer Dormitory


Dining Room

300-seat dining room with riverside view.

dining room


dining room


Nursing room & Parent-child toilet

Nursing room & Parent-child toilet are set up in the public area of ​​1F according to regulations.

Nursing room   

Parking Lot

Underground parking lot with 195 car parking space and 317 motorcycle parking space.


  • Release Date:2021-05-26
  • Update:2021-07-12