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Judges Academy


Main Services


Pre-job Training for Selected Judges

To plan and execute pre-job training program for selected judges in order to assist them to acquire the necessary ability of trial, writing skills and relevant legal knowledge.


Judge On-the-job Training

Conduct on-the-job trainings for judges of civil, criminal, administrative litigation, intellectual property, juvenile and family affairs, courtrooms and other litigation types to enrich their legal profession and trial practice knowledge, and deepen the constitutional human rights awareness and humanistic quality.


Judge Reappointment Training and Professional License Training

Conduct reappointment training for judges of Administrative Court, Intellectual Property and Commercial Courts. Conduct license training for taxation, juvenile, family affairs, civil engineering, medical and labor professional judges.


International and Domestic Exchange

Refer judges to international institutes for further studies. Select judges to provide legal practice courses in the domestic law department. Invite scholars and experts from internationally renowned universities, law schools, academic institutions, courts and related judicial units for visits. Hold symposium on topics related to judicial academics, practice and reform. Inspect foreign judicial research systems and attend international judicial organization meetings.


Research and Development of Training Courses, Methods and Materials

Conduct the translation of foreign codes and commentaries, and the compilation and publication of domestic legal practice case materials.


Training for Other Judicial Officers

Conduct on-the-job trainings for the following judicial officers and administrative personnel: clerk/chief clerk, public defender, judicial affairs officer, family investigator, juvenile investigator/protection officer, notary public, deposit/registration officer, bailiff, interpreter, recording, court /bailiff officer, judge assistants, mediation committee members, program supervisors, judicial administrative, IT, personnel, accounting, statistics, and political personnel.


  • Release Date:2021-05-26
  • Update:2021-06-15